Relaxed Power

Relaxed Power: How to Live a Purposed (Not Perfect) Life

Position Yourself For Power

Chances are that you, like the rest of the world, are busy and constantly on the move. Our lives are filled with work, family, responsibilities, and relationships that require management for optimum success. ...Amidst the noise, it is often hard to hear the voice inside that whispers divine directions and guidance about how to become the best version of yourself. Relaxed Power, exposes you to strategies, skills and mindset shifts that empower you to honor your best self and your highest power, purpose and calling from which to shape your destiny. From recognizing practical ways to live a vibrant life to taking ownership of your narrative, this book proves time and time again that all the power that you will ever need lives and breathes inside of you.

Relaxed Power serves as your tour guide through life’s cyclical patterns, and teaches you to recognize spiritual principles that open doors to uncanny transformation. These same patterns, when honored, result in courage and an abundance of energy that brings rhythms of consistency and growth to your day to day interactions. The end result is a purposed life and one that allows you to take calculated risks yielding positive results for generations to come. This book is the dose of wisdom you never even knew you needed. Your next best life begins now.

Coming Soon! The Road to Relaxed Power Master Class. Want to know what questions you should be asking yourself at this stage of your life? Then, download the complimentary Ages and Stages: Unanswered Questions Worksheet from the Master Class, and you’ll be the first to know when this life-changing, on-line resource will be available!

Master Class Description: Everyone wants to be powerful, but very few understand how to unearth their power. This transformative Master Class is based on Tangela’s book, “Relaxed Power: How to Live a Perfect (Not Perfect) Life.” The Road to Relaxed Power will expose you to strategies and mindset shifts that empower you to honor your best self and highest power. Tangela will ask you soul-searching questions. She will give you the tools you need to be reflective and focused, so your brilliance and greatness can break through the noise. The road to greatness is filled with potential and potholes. Learning how to navigate the potholes and unleash your potential will grow your confidence and allow you to relax in your power.