Having a trusted coach can make a tremendous difference in a person’s professional effectiveness. The right personal insight and strategies can be a powerful catalyst for life-changing growth and professional development.

This intimate process focuses on asking the right questions and challenging the individual to explore new, creative ways of navigating their personal and professional space.

NGCC’s Coaching Model uses the process of self-discovery in the following key growth dimensions: self-view, core values, behavior, intuitiveness, work-life synergy, and strategic thinking.

Executives & Senior Leadership

It can be lonely at the top. Executives can get caught up in the day-to-day activities and become distracted, less self-aware, and less effective. We help executives direct their energy towards pursuits that will take the organization to greater heights that includes developing clarity around the corporate vision, mission, core values, and building a healthy culture.

Women in Leadership

Women often face unique leadership challenges in the workplace. We focus on specific issues that women leaders face. We help them navigate how they can authentically lead while enjoying a fulfilling, successful career and life.

New Managers

New managers have to transition into their leadership role. Sometimes they are such “doer’s” that they become easily overwhelmed with all of their new “people” responsibilities. We focus on helping them navigate the fundamentals of leadership along with the “real life” challenges that can derail new leaders. We also help them discover their leadership strengths and blind spots.